This Guy

Cheeseburger plate, mac salad, home fries, everything.

That’s my order at Dog Town on Monroe.

I’m a 35 year old photographer in the city of Rochester New York.  For over a year now, I have continued my quest to find the (really) hidden gems in our state for my blog The Urban Phoenix.  Recently, I decided to focus more of my attention on my home right here in the 585.

I’m probably not as active in my community as I would like, but I try really hard.  I don’t know the politics of my city very well, but I do my best to keep up and hear all sides.  I’m not typically the first person to visit every new restaurant, store or coffee house, but I have a great network of pro-Rochester friends who are always introducing me to everything that’s new.  I do the same for them occasionally too.  I’m not the most active Rochestarian there is, but like you, I do the best I can to support the wonderful things happening in our town.

I do believe that, despite the problems we tangle with in our city, a positive outlook on the future and the thousands of wonderful things happening here every day, as well as a pro-Rochester dialogue with our fellow citizens AND outsiders is an easy way to feed into the powerful river of good that is moving in the right direction.

Hopefully you will see this blog as it was intended, an average Rochester guy expressing my love for the good in our town, changing the negative conversation we all fall into occasionally, reminding us all that we have so much right here to be thankful for.  Cheers, see you out there!