The South Wedge: Rochester’s Eclectic Urban Paradise

My post about my day in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Rochester’s South Wedge.

The Urban Phoenix


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In two years of The Urban Phoenix, I’ve focused almost exclusively on blogging about small cities across our great state of New York.  This post will begin a series on thriving neighborhoods, almost like small cities themselves, within larger upstate urban centers like Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo.

And another departure from the norm, I will not be telling the story of an area I don’t know, rather this is the story of a place I know and love, Rochester’s South Wedge neighborhood.  While this post will include my personal injection of familiarity, it will only  be to compliment the rich, vibrant words and tales of South Wedge residents, business owners and visitors.

The Story

Like so many cities I’ve blogged about in this forum, my home city of Rochester has been on it’s own roller coaster ride over the last 40 years and beyond.  The…

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