Inspiring Support For Bike Share, For Us

Last night was one of the most refreshing nights I’ve ever had in the city of Rochester.  An event addressing the importance of corporate sponsorship for our new bike share program (coming in 2017) was held at Roc Brewing Co. and immediately took on the tone of a positive, pro-Rochester rallying cry by supportive citizens, city officials and Zagster (the company implementing the bike share program) representatives.


It was a night filled with pro-cycling, pro-transit and pro-Rochester residents who came out in full force and showed their tremendous support.  It was a night where city officials like Erik Frisch, along with Bill Carpenter from RTS and representatives from University of Rochester and many other organizations spoke and conversed about the new vision for our thriving downtown.


But the piece I loved the most was that every individual who stood up and spoke, and every individual I spoke with openly embraced the message being sung by millennials and Rochester city residents.  We’ve all been shouting for a long time about the initiatives that need to take place to drive the advancement of our city… it was so exciting to hear the city say that not only do they hear us, they are WITH us.

Zagster and the City of Rochester are still seeking sponsors for the program, with sponsorship opportunities starting at $9,000 for a rack of 5 bikes… and you have preference where will be installed!

We have a lot of stumbling blocks to overcome, but Zagster bike share in Rochester just might be the one of the first major moves toward the eye opening realization of what we can do together.  Let’s get excited about that first step down a path to a better Rochester for everyone.


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