Roc-ing Small Biz Saturday

I didn’t even intend to post something about Small Business Saturday, but I hadn’t really posted anything in a while and honestly I just got swept up in the pro-Rochester spirit I saw today that I couldn’t resist.  As my girlfriend and I popped into some of our favorite small Rochester retail gems, I marveled at the lines, the crowds and the smiles on the faces of shoppers happily  supporting Rochester’s local economy.  Armed with only my iPhone today, I grabbed a couple shots.

Shameless selfie out front of Fahsye
Our first stop was Fahsye, a place I had honestly never been before.  I will be back, that’s for certain.  Jewelry, ladies accessories, gifts and some great stuff for us guys too… I bought a pretty sweet tie.  Cuz see I love ties.  The best part of Fahsye was all the pro-Rochester trinkets and gifts… something that rang very true to my heart!

Next up was Parkleigh, a Holiday mainstay for any true Rochestarian.

I’ve been to Parkleigh dozens of times, but it’s one of those  places that is more fun when it’s crowded.  You get the feeling of hustle and bustle, the way holiday shopping used to be.  Narrow isles and fun gifts encourage strangers to laugh together, and the wide array of gifts means you’ll never leave empty handed.

Next it was over to The Wedge, where our first stop was The Little Button (one of my favorites).  This store so perfectly captures the blend of the down-to-earth spirit and creative explosion that is synonymous with Rochester’s South Wedge.

Just next door, we stepped into thread, a place that I, once again, had never visited.  Fun displays complimented gorgeous designer men’s and women’s apparel… I was so impressed with this store, I can’t tell you!

A quick sprint across South Ave led us into Zak’s Avenue, a small store with so many fun stocking stuffer items, you’ll find something for everyone.  It’s one of those little places you could spend an hour in and still not see everything!

It was inspiring to see some such overwhelming support for Rochester-based retail stores.  In a short afternoon, we only had the time to visit a few of Rochester’s best local shopping Meccas… there are so many more!  The important thing about today was the reminder that when we support our city’s small businesses, we not buy great things and eat amazing food… we inspire our friends, neighbors and even strangers to do the same, and that energy, my friends, is what is making Rochester a better place to live every day!


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